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Inspection FAQ

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough, in-depth visual examination of the structure and operating components of a home. The home inspector will meet personally with the client at the property during the inspection and follow up with a written report containing the results.

The Home Inspection Report can be provided ON SITE and assesses the general condition of the following major components of the home. The written report can also be faxed or transmitted electronically if you prefer.

A trained inspector will point out areas of concern during the inspection as well as educate the buyer on proper care and maintenance procedures. This information will help you make an unemotional, intelligent and informed purchase decision.

How much does a inspection cost?

Our prices are competitive, but they reflect the quality and thoroughness of our inspection. The cost of inspection varies depending on age and size of the home. The inspector will spend, on average, 2 to 3 hours to make a thorough and detailed inspection of your property. He will also take photos (which are included in the report) and answer any questions you have if you choose to be there. Additional time is then spent preparing your report.

We will happily give you an estimate by phone. Please call us for a quote.

Additional services (radon testing and water sampling) are available for a modest charge.

What will my home report cover?

Roger follows the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for home inspectors. Your home inspection will cover the following components:

Exterior Components

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Interior Components

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Safety Hazards

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How long does an inspection take?

Roger will spend an average of 2 to 3 hours at the property with the client. He generally completes the final report within the next day.

Should I be there?

Rixon Home Inspection recommends that the client be present during the inspection if possible. This is a valuable opportunity to get verbal feedback about the home and discuss any specific concerns with a knowledgeable inspector.

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Does the inspection carry a warranty?

No. Rixon Home Inspection will do their best to determine the condition of the building and report it accurately. The home inspection is an opinion on the condition of the home at the time of inspection and is not a warranty.

When will I get my report and what kind of report will it be?

Typically you will receive your report within 24 hours of your inspection. It is usually transmitted electronically by email in .pdf format. A hard copy is available at an additional charge.

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Thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. It was a pleasure dealing with such a professional, yet so kind and caring as well.

We were extremely impressed with your services. Your thoroughness and attention to detail was exceptional.

We have let our realtor and friends know how happy we were with you and have highly recommended you. Thank you very much!

Thanks for the quick turnout on report too.

You are professional, easy to work with and as I mentioned to the seller today, you are not an alarmist. You do a great job but don’t frighten the buyer away... The truth is necessary. Fear is not. Thank you for the way you do business.

Thank you for your promptness.
It was a pleasure to
meet you, and we appreciate your knowledge and good work.