Be informed and protect your investment.

Buying a home is a big investment and can often be an overwhelming financial and emotional decision. A trained inspector can reassure you that all areas of the home are functioning properly. While finding problems is not the goal of the inspection, an inspector can point out areas of concern which can help avoid nasty surprises in the future. A buyer can then take the cost of repairs into consideration when negotiating the offer to purchase, or allow the seller an opportunity to address any areas of concern which might prevent a successful sale.

The home inspection process can educate you about proper care and maintenance procedures for your new home. Armed with this knowledge, you stand a better chance of protecting your investment. A home inspection can help you create an intelligent plan for improving the property over time — and increasing the value of your property.

Finally, a home inspector can provide helpful information on the approximate life expectancies of major home components such as the roof, foundation or heating system. This information will also help you make an unemotional, intelligent and informed purchase decision.

A professional home inspection can provide a feeling of security and peace of mind regarding one of the largest investments of a lifetime.

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